Salty Sleeves is a shirt shop that specializes in funny, irreverent (sometimes downright NSFW) and most importantly, comfy t-shirts and tanks.

We might dabble in some other apparel but the mission is to make some thing that you want to wear, cause its your favorite.

With a fair amount of t-shirt print and design in our background, we are excited to stretch out and make you something exciting. Let us know if want something specific by contacting us!

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Somewhat Frequently Asked Questions

What is the deal with the TikTok Hold Status?

TikTok and Salty Sleeves both agree - we're all about serving salty friends who really dig what we do. We've got a one-hour window so customers have the freedom to cancel their order if they change their mind. 😅

Can we work together?

You bet! We do custom work all the time and would also love to showcase other artists who want to get more exposure. Holler support@saltysleeves.com

What is the deal with your return policy?

We want to stand by our work and ability to reliably, and delightfully, get our products in your hands. Details

Salty Sleeves Guarantee

Risk Free, Guaranteed

If you don't love your shirt, or it rips for whatever reason, we will replace it,
no questions asked. For the life of the shirt!

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  • 🚢 Free Shipping

    Shipping costs suck and we are trying to figure out how to best absorb them...for now, anything over $75 gets free shipping and our thanks.

  • 🤝 Hassle-Free Exchanges

    If something happens to one of our shirts, send it back in and we will replace it. For the life of the shirt. Period.